Welcome to Cardinal Football

I remember my first play as a freshman running 2nd team offensive center against our first team defense. All American T.J. in front of me at middle linebacker and Kodiac All American defensive tackle Guy Weber to my right. I snapped the ball early because Guy had jumped off sides. I laughed out loud and said that’s an easy 5 yards. Guy didn’t laugh back and just stared at me. Coach Labeth told us to huddle back up. Labeth then called a right dive play off of the right tackle and then looked at me and told me to pull and block Weber. I looked at coach and said, “Coach, we don’t have a play like that!”  Roger looked at me and smiled and said “Well, we do now!”

Well I knew I was in trouble but decided to do my best. Before I snapped the ball Weber cheated in and angled towards me. I knew what was about to happen so I did my best to pull and block Weber.  Well…I woke up on my back with blood splatter inside my helmet. Guy was leaning over me and reached into my face mask to lick the blood off my face. He smiled and laughed and then lifted me up to my feet from my face mask. He had literally, for the first time in my life, knocked me out! That was my welcome to Cardinal football moment just 3 days into camp my freshman year.

Coach told me to see the trainer and sit out for a while. I refused and ran the very next play not missing a beat. Needless to say I must have won the respect from Guy. He always treated me well after the incident and that was not his normal demeanor. I have told this story to other aspiring players as a warning when they are about to start their college football journey. Give it your all but respect the upperclassmen!


Rats in the Foxhole

Remember the day when our punt team kept committing off-sides late in the season [1979].  McGarvey, in his unique way to make you feel you were literally in war, asked the rhetorical question?: “IF YOU WERE IN A FOXHOLE AND THE RATS WERE RUNNING UP YOUR LEG – COULD YOU KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN SO IT WOULDN’T GET BLOWN OFF!”